How to Find Cause and Effect Essays Ideas

Among the more common essay types is the one that discusses what happens after an event has taken place.  Even though this may sound easy, the range of possible topics are endless, so narrowing it down to one may be the hardest part of the assignment.

Cause and effect essay ideas come from many sources and subject areas.  For the most part, the writer needs to come up with an event or phenomenon then explain what caused it, or reversely, why it happened. The most common cause and effect essay ideas come from the subject areas of social studies, history, science, and family studies, but also can be found by looking around and observing what is happening in the school, community, or the world.  Sometimes it is just a matter of reading the newspaper or watching current events on the television.

Once the subject area is chosen, it must be narrowed down to a specific incident.  Some possible essay topics in history may focus on events that led up to a war, or how the war changed the lives of people.  Science topics can include the invention of the automobile or the computer, or even why a phenomenon happens, such as a rainbow or moon phases.  Even issues that touch the family can become essay topics.  Families are changed whenever there is a birth, death, divorce, or adoption, and this type of essay would discuss these changes and how the event altered the family, or may even focus on what caused the event.

For students having difficulty getting started, or if the topic needs to be narrowed down, there is assistance available. Teachers and librarians are good sources to help get ideas and advice from. There are also online homework and tutoring services that offer both high school and college essay help.

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