Response essay ideas

The instructor – seeking a response from the students to a specific lecture topic or a chapter in the reading, usually provides response essay ideas; however, some instructors like to ‘mix-it-up’ a bit and ask a student to pick something from the course work to write a response essay too. You pick up your book – you look at it – you set it down, you look at your notes – you pick them up – you set them down, repeat, and rinse. Don’t worry, that blank expression has been on everyone’s face more than a few times over the course of his or her school years, you are not alone.

You can stop in here, at, because we have many great ideas for essays – everything from original ideas through traditional ideas. Our ideas are the best because we have dedicated our time to finishing degree programs and school programs as well. is focused on getting your mind moving and looking at the world as an opportunity to grab ideas from everything – even the window, you can write a response essay on the relationship between the green technologies proposed by the government and the high costs to people and organizations to make the appropriate changes. You could look at the floor and determine there are no answers there – but there are because you could write a response essay that examines the current problems in the US with copper thefts causing inner-city homes to explode. Reveal the truth to how many US cities are having troubles with homes that are abandoned and homes that are not abandoned. Write a response essay to school in general by defining what you think are best practices for education – compare online platforms to traditional school settings. Visit and you will find great ideas for all your response essays, here at

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