Ideas for Various Kinds of Essays

The selection of a good topic for your writing sometimes means that the job is almost half-done. Of course, various kinds of essays require various kinds of topics, based on the specifics of every particular type. For example, narrative essay ideas are best based on personal experiences, the things you remember well and can give a full and detailed account of what happened, what you saw and what you felt.

Persuasive essays ideas by the very name of the assignment presuppose that you should persuade the reader that the point of view you are protecting is more correct than any other opinion on the subject in question. It means that the best decision here is to pick a topic you are not completely indifferent to. It is a common principle of writing – the author can only interest the reader if he writes about something he himself is interested in.

Research essay topics shouldn’t necessarily differ from persuasive essays ideas, for all in all these two types of academic writing are fairly close to each other. The only difference is that the research essay is somewhat deeper and presupposes a larger amount of work on your part. In a persuasive essay you may stop at giving proofs taken from the works of other people, in a research essay they should be the result of your own work.

Coming back to narrative essay ideas, we can suggest that experience you choose to recount should not be only interesting to you; it should have some additional value except being your memory. It may be something that all or the majority of people go through at some moment of their lives, like the first day at school, or moving to a new flat or something else along these lines.


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