Review Research Essay

A book review is an article that is written to describe, critically analyze, evaluate quality, get to tell what the book means and its significance. It is not a piece that retells the book. A book custom review is not a summary of the book and neither is it a report of the book. It tells the strengths of the content as well as its weaknesses. In the opinion of the reviewer the book review the article evaluates how the author of the book has tried to do, as well as provide evidence on his/her claims. It is important to note that a book review is a personal opinion and there is no correct way of presenting opinions. A book review could be very short or very long; this is dependent on the purpose of writing the review.

The following procedures are commonly used in custom writing a book review. First a statement that gives essential information such as the title, author, subject matter, is given. The purpose of the author writing the book is then given. The theme of the book is then given in the book review. An explanation of the way the author supports the theme or thesis statement is given. An important part of the book review is to evaluate the book for accuracy of information, interest to audience intended as well as the use of the book. The reviewer should also include information about the author such as qualifications and reputations. The research essay should also include illustrations used by the author such as maps and how they aid in the understanding of the book. The final part should summarize the contents of the book and make comments.

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