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Essay writing is not a difficult task.  As long as you understand what the question is you can write a good essay.  There are different types of essays available which include expository essay, argument essay and descriptive essay.  Each of these essays has peculiar features.

The argument essay requires of you to talk about either the good or the bad side of an issue.  In an argument or argumentative essay you are presented with two options and you are expected to speak in favor of a particular side.  If there are two products to be compared in the essay, you will have to write on both products.  You should introduce both products and tell their highlights.  The aim of this form of essay is to pick make the ready prefer a particular product.  You will enumerate and explain all the benefits of the products that you prefer.  Your task in this essay is to make the reader opt for the product of your choice.

You will be expected to be authoritative and convincing in your essay.  This does not mean that you will have to ignore the other product.  You will still write on the other product but considerate on the edges that your choice product has.

The descriptive essay does not expect you to express an opinion.  This is different from the argument essay where you opinion counts.  Descriptive essay ideas can be derived from the physical features of the product on which the essay is written.  You can also include other features that the product has aside from the physical ones.

The third type of essay mention in this article the expository only requires that you provide necessary information on the product you are written on.  This type of essay is similar to the descriptive as you do not have to render your own opinion but stick to the facts.

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