essay topic ideas

“How to think up an idea or a topic for my essay?” – this is the question that often torments students dealing with creative writing, especially when they have not been given anything to make a start from. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that such a decision should be, first of all, based on the type of essay you are dealing with. For example, the best narrative essay ideas are the ones that, on the one hand, can be perceived as familiar by the majority of the readers, but on the other hand having something unique that only you are capable of telling. For example, your first day at school if there was something really unusual that happened to you on that day.

The best persuasive essay ideas are the ones on which you can write without compulsion, the ones that deal with topics you are really interested in. If you are partial to the issue of genetic engineering you will write much better than someone who isn’t interested in it at all even if he knows much more about it than you do.

It is even more true for the research essay topics, for in this kind of academic assignment you are expected to perform your own research and do some work, and it is much better idea to deepen into something you are already familiar with than into an unknown subject.

All in all, one of the most important tips is to be personal. Looking for narrative essay ideas try to think about an interesting experience from your own life or something you witnessed personally – it will automatically be more intriguing than a story about another people. Persuasive essay ideas also tend to get better if you try and apply some personal examples or proofs, although it may not be a good decision to base the text entirely on them.

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